Hana Hou Massage LLC
Massage Modalities

I am skilled in a variety of massage modalities.  The most common types of massage styles that I use are detailed below.  During a massage session, I tend to use several different modalities based on the clients request and muscle needs. 

Massage Modality Menu:  

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage modality which focuses on flow and connection with the body.  Forearms and elbows are mainly used to massage more surface area of the body at once.  The strokes are typically slow and long.  Lomi Lomi also uses deep tissue work and Swedish massage techniques which make Lomi Lomi a well-rounded, connected massage modality.  

Deep Tissue 

Deep Tissue massage is ideal for people that experience chronic muscle tightness.  Deep Tissue helps work through layers of the muscle to relieve adhesions, knots and hypertonic muscles.  The pressure used gradually gets deeper and deeper as the muscles start to relax.  


A more common type of massage, Swedish is used to get the body to relax by applying a light to medium based pressure and moving the longer muscle strokes toward the heart.  The palms of the hands are mainly used throughout this modality and some key techniques include kneading, stretching, rocking and rhythmic tapping. 


Pre-natal / Postpartum

A specialized massage session for soon to be and new mothers!  Goals and expectations will be discussed prior to massage session.  For pre-natal massage, the session is typically done in the sideline position or laying face up.  Pillows and bolsters will be provided to make you comfortable during the massage session.  This massage usually incorporates a variety of massage modalities and techniques and will be personalized for each client.